Oscar Niemeyer AS Tentogra "oscar" INSPIRATION

"Oscar Niemeyer is grace, and his buildings rock. Looking at them is like listening to the melody"

-these are not my words, but they could well be. I do not remember which one of love was first: music or architecture. One with the other has always penetrated my life.

I remember the moment when I first saw the photograph of the Palace of Congresses in Brasilia from a bird's eye view - I experienced revelation:

It's nothing but a turntable - I thought. Rectangular base, cartridge and frame area. This is how the idea for the Tentogra Oscar turntable was born.

-OWNER Wojciech Samołyk

Inspiracja - Gramofon Tentogra Oscar - Inspiration - Tentogra turntable Oscar

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Source https: //ultimaparada.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/50-anos-brasilia-por-gautherot/ 

The perfection of the structure in its pure form.

The Square of Three Authorities, where the Palace of Congresses is located, looks best at night, viewed from a certain distance. The building consists of two twin towers, on the one hand a dome, on the other a saucer. Illuminated after dark, they resemble the city of the future or the scenery of science fiction movies.
Certainly, they will not associate with the seat of the congress and senate. A calm surface of water reflects and replicates the building.

Tentogra turntable - Gramofon Tentogra - model Oscar detal - Ksawerów Poland