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1. The controller of personal data is the company PPHU SAMPRO Wojciech Samołyk, ul. Pocztowa 13,

95-054 Ksawerów, NIP: 725-001-14-22.


2. The company, when executing your orders (perform a purchase and sale contract):

a) does not share your data with other entities or international organizations

b) your data will not be transferred to third countries (outside the European Union)


3. Purposes of processing:

a) performance of a purchase and sale contract – the performance is based on data provided to us voluntarily and on the basis of the act on PIT, VAT (Journal of Laws 2017, item 1221 - consolidated text) and CIT (Journal of Laws 2017, item 2343- consolidated text)

b) profiling - the Company does not carry out any work with automated profiling

c) the purpose of data processing - compliant with the act on taxes - as above


4. During the whole period of data processing, you have the access to your personal data, which you can change and modify.


5. You have the right to "be forgotten" but in connection with the provisions mentioned above - personal data placed on personal receipts or waybills, invoices are kept for the periods provided for by law.

What does it mean to "be forgotten"? The data subject has the right to demand the immediate removal of his / her data, including when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were processed. This also applies to the situation of withdrawal of consent, e.g. in order to receive offers of a marketing nature, and also when the data is processed without a legal basis, e.g. in the event of resignation from the use of a service, the regulations of which constituted so far, such a basis.


6. At the same time, we would like to inform you that under the contracts for the provision of accounting and human resources, your data: company name, tax identification number and address are processed on behalf of the Controller by Companies servicing PPHU SAMPRO Wojciech Samołyk.



7. You may submit complaints about the processing of personal data to the State Office for Personal Data Protection (after May 25) or direct complaints in this matter to the following e-mail address:

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