Oscar turntable, awarded with Best Product 2019 prize by High Fidelity magazine. Available to choose from with a table and a battery.



The Gramy turntable, which had its visual premiere in 2018 and official at the AVS 2019. Oscar's little brother.





"The visual concept of the turntable hasn't changed for more than a hundred years, since the time of Emil Berliner - the inventor of the flat turntable. This concept, duplicated by turntable manufacturers makes it very difficult to create something new. Turntables don't have to be the same or even similar to each other. Just as trends in architecture and art have changed over the centuries, the development of the 21st century technology changes the world. This was the inspiration to create the GRAMY VTA Tentogra turntable.

Creator of the GRAMY turntable

Wojciech Samołyk

The GRAMY turntable is designed as a two-armed device for playing vinyl and shellac vinyls. 


GRAMY consist of three separate parts:

  • base

  • two separate parts for turntable arms​

Each of these parts has independent arm height adjustment - VTA. We can therefore use inexpensive turntable arms that don't have this regulation. Thinking about all users, there is possibility of play 78 rpm shellac vinyls.


GRAMY can be powered from the network with 230 voltage. It is also possible to use the battery power supply used in our previous model (battery power is available on request). GRAMY is equipped with a time counter of the phono cartridge, speed regulation and ambient lighting in white or orange color.






We use innovative battery power supply in the Tentogra turntable, which drives the motor in the most precise and most advantageous way. This transforms into the quality of sound, which was our priority. 

The battery lasts up to 30 hours to drive the motor which on average gives us a week of listening to music. Charging the battery to 100% takes about 8 hours, and is preferable at night.


The turntable is cut from the vibrations of the ground in three phases:


  • The magnetic pillows in the foot of the base. 

  • Pneumatic base under a turntable made of special layers of wood under the pressure of 1000 tons/square meter. The base is filled with 130 passive pneumatic elements and finished with natural leather. 

  • The third phase is due to the special internal construction and heavy weight of the turntable

The internal structure consists of two polished and anodised aluminium plates. In the first phase of the production we cut the construction of the turntable on the aqua jets in CNC technology. The ceramic bearing is integrated into the plate with the help of phosphor bronze.

​The motor controller is hidden in the "cap" (Faraday cage) on the left side of the turntable so that it doesn't disturb the plate area.


The same principle applies to the battery charger, which gives pure current, and doesn't introduce interference. That's why the turntable is powered by an innovative lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 moto hours at 24 Volts.

The power supply has a 100-0% battery discharge indicator. Charging the batteries takes place until the desired voltage of 24V is reached, after which it is automatically disconnected. If your the battery will discharge while listening to music, you can connect the turntable to the network or just charge the battery while listening.

The next innovation in Tentogra turntables is possibility of our software, to count the amount of time spent by the cartdrige. On Tentogra equipment there are two bases for arms, and innovative clamp for vinyls - Presslift by Mind Pop Revolution. It lifts the tonearm automatically when the record ends.

Our assumption was, that one arm could support 33/45 RPM mono/stereo cartridge, and the second arm special mono cartridge for 78 RPM shellac plates. The plate is also supplied with a polyamide element for centering the glass slip mats on the plate.

One of the most important parameters of the Wow & Flutter turntables, regarding the stability of the record rotation is measured to be +/- 0.12% with one motor driving the turntable. The second motor will obviously lower this value. 


Currently, we offer turntable finishing in high-gloss rubin wood veneer and in cobalt/ultramarine, black and white matte colors. The Tentogra Oscar turntable can be customized regarding to colors, at the customer's request. It is also possible to finish it in a piano varnish.

  • Gramophone weight ~ 70 kg 

  • Weight of gramophone turntable with a small table ~ 100 kg 

  • The turntable's small table can be covered with special sand at the customer's home to further increase its stability and reduce resonance. 

As additional equipment we offer: 

  • Kuzma turntable arms and cartridges are checked by us (at any time we can adjust the turntables database to the arms owned or preferred by our clients) 

  • Ambient lighting can be installed in the turntable. 

  • Second motor - It is also possible to mount a second motor to the turntable drive for even greater rotation stability.

  • Bigger battery - 35Ah which gives up to 68 hours of listening to music.